Director Professor of Theatre Craig Latrell has chosen to set this production in 1973, a time of transition in American culture: the year of the Watergate hearings, the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Catherine Daigle ’17 plays the title character, Ryan Cassidy ’17 portrays her scholarly husband George, Tommy Bowden ’18 is Hedda’s former suitor Lovborg, Kelsey Crane ’17 plays Hedda’s childhood friend Thea and Collin Purcell ’17 is Judge Brack.It felt extra special to be at mom’s new home as aunt helped with many good ideas and also it was right on brother’s memorial day. It’s about 150 plus years old traditional home called “Han-Ok” that mom had bought and it’s a kind of architecture that dates back to more than 5000 years of Korean tradition. You will see all these sort of things being dried, getting pickled or soaked in the water at my mom and aunt’s place. Mom’s next project is to add these solid concrete cylinders to the outside fence/wall. Chestnuts drying on a Pyung Sang ( a quite big scaled low wooden seating deck) in the garden… These beautiful wooden beams were hidden and the ceiling was lowered when the house was purchased. Poured concrete floor feels very modern in contrary to house’s traditional details. Aunt with big big smile and Brandy and Tang right outside of her beautiful Heyri home.


We have been always close to Aunt’s family when I was growing up and I had also lived with aunt, uncle and cousin Yoonhee when I was doing the first year at F. Then it has been many years we kind of grew a part but here now again we get to see each others whenever I go to Seoul for my business trips. There’s always good chatting over delicious hearty food and laughs.

I was lucky to have them while starting my school years all alone but then it wasn’t actually as I was with aunt, uncle and Yoonhee.

Aunt recently helped mom renovating her new little home and it was my first time to visit mom’s traditional Korean home as she literally just moved in.

” *Tony steps out of suit* -The ‘I survive NYC’ shirt with hello kitty pj pants. -THE PLOT TWIST -Peter during all the hoco pictures -“I’m watching…. -Tom Holland’s acting when the build collapsed on Peter.

-Peter not needing the fancy suit to still be a hero.