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And he could pick which he wanted to put out.(which is not a very common practice) Last Night..ended up fitting the visuals really well. I just thought my editor Ryan Adams did such great job of doing something slightly different with the same footage that i should put it out myself.

He has a new website, a new solo album coming out, a new book coming out, new artwork, and an interview with legendary filmmaker David Lynch about the Make Yourself Foundation. Incubus singer Brandon Boyd has long talked about releasing a new solo album, and now, he’s a bit closer to that goal.

His recently chopped hair portrayed in a photoshoot by Brian Bowen Smith.Brandon Boyd is an artist in the America who having skills about instruments and music.He creates the interesting music through the vocal instruments.He is mostly known as the lead vocalist of the American Multi-Platinum rock band named “Incubus.” Boyd is also known as the Invisible Floating Torso Man, Happy Knappy, Brandon of the Jungle and Cornelius.Brandon Boyd was born on February 15, 1976, in California, U. He joined Calabasas High School and then attended Moorpark College for two years before committing to “Incubus.” He grew up in Calabasas with Ricky Taylor who inspired him to write music.