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I was comfortable with who I had become and the direction my life was headed. Yes, that’s right; he cut into the sheetrock, took down the original door frame, and installed a wider door to accommodate my wheelchair. It was a permanent “upgrade” to his parent’s house. His “act of service” showed his compassion and sensitivity to my needs. He embraced my disability, and all that came with it, and continued loving me.

The thought of being so vulnerable and transparent with my injury was fearful. Until one day, when I was in a relationship and I was faced with that dreaded crossroad. But after a second look, I realized what I was observing was a reconstructed bathroom door.

Can I find love, true love after spinal cord injury? Don’t be shameful of any area in your life regarding your disability. That’s a natural part of the process in the search for a soul mate. This is not an act, arrogance or entitlement, but that if you recognize you have value, others are more likely to treat you that way.

I felt comfortable with having “dating” relationships. It was always at that moment when things turned serious. Greg seemed nice enough to meet for coffee, but who knew? “This will simply be another disappointment.” I felt like I’d been in contact with every reject out there: the guy with the cripple fetish, the guy with the wife, the guy that would communicate endlessly on email and phone but never showed up for in-person meetings and, of course, the one that knew I was in a chair and had seen many pictures of me but walked right past me at a very small Starbucks! So I sent him a message saying, “You can’t miss me—I’m the one in the wheelchair.” I wasn’t sure what to expect in response.She is the executive director of Spinal, a website which contains many videos on SCI topics, including women and sex.The three women, all quads, shared their thoughts on Facing, a website where people with disabilities answer questions about their lives in video testimonials.