Tyler perry dating lawrence

Lately, she as been seen at couple of charity events in N. According to Tyler Perry he is "happily spoken for".

In a recent viral video, Williams is doing push-ups while rapping.

It's the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep comfy but still get your high-fashion kicks! She wrote in a post on her website: 'Hearing my sister Kylie mention what she sees her life like at 30 - on a farm with kids - got me thinking about my own life in 10 years, which weirdly gave me a strong urge to play The Sims.

, the 26-year-old flat out says he's "been kissing white boys since 2004," which many take as him coming out as gay.

The model was spotted in LA rocking a low key ensemble that also managed to stay true to her penchant for high fashion thanks to the Chanel logo tank and bag!But, in 1998, he was given a second chance to stage his play and, this time, he was more business-savvy with his marketing.The play was sold-out and drew attention from investors. and he's firing back at all the haters giving him crap over his new TV series. READ MORE Tyler Perry just released a tribute he produced for Bobbi Kristina's private funeral, and it's extremely touching.According to a sister2sister interview in March 2012, "I'm very much in love and she love me".According to Ebony 2012, she was almost pregnant and "this is the longest relationship he has ever been in.